Information and Communication Technologies in Organizations and Society
  4th International Conference 


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Welcome to ICTO2018

 Information and Communication Technologies for an inclusive world
University Paris Nanterre,  March 22d and 23d, 2018
ICTO2018 is the fourth version of ICTO international conference that attracts multidisciplinary contributions on information systems from the areas of business and management, strategy, marketing, human resources, accounting, logistics, finance, supply chain, economics, computer science, and information engineering mainly submitted by international scholars.

First accepted papers for presentation at ICTO2018

English session

Cinzia Dal Zotto and Aicha Hammami. The FDI-Economic Growth Nexus from a Human Resource Management Perspective: The case of the ICT sector in Sub-Saharan Africa


French session



Special session

MENACIS2018 is the first international conference organized by the MENA-AIS.
MENACIS 2018 will be organized as a special session of ICTO2018

Conference scope

Today, the role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in shaping human activity in organizations and in society has become more and more prominent. But many decades after their introduction, the question remains:

What do we know about their design, their usage, and their impact?  What have we learned after all these years of research?

This conference is concerned with these ICTs, shedding light on how they were, how they are, and how they will be understood, adopted, adapted, and used within organizations and more generally, within the society as a whole.

The main focus will be on how actors understand the potential of ICTs to support organizational activities and hence how they adopt and adapt these technologies to achieve their goals.


We are interested in different areas of the organization's strategy through new business models, competitive strategies, knowledge management, etc. Specific areas are concerned such as marketing, human resource management, project management, operation management, innovation management, etc. These questions can de addressed both in private and public sector either national or international e.g. though development policies, in industry and services. We are also interested in how organization impact society through sustainable development and social responsibility. And finally, how ICTs use social media networks in the process of value co-creation.

We invite submissions in all areas of ICTs and organizations especially innovative, interesting and rigorously developed conceptual and empirical contributions.


We also encourage multi- or inter-disciplinary research.

Past ICTO conferences

ICTO2017 is

- 60 accepted  papers (from more than 86 papers reviewed)

- 5 students applications accepted to the doctoral consortium (from 10 received)

- 6 keynote speakers

- 2 roudtables with 6 participants each

- 26 Countries

- 144   reviewers

- 15000 total visits for the ICTO2017 Website (From Sep 2016 till March, 2017)

ICTO2016 is

- 46 accepted  papers (from more than 77 papers reviewed)

- 6 students applications accepted to the doctoral consortium (from 13 received)

- 3 keynote speakers

- 2 roudtables with 6 participants

- 20 Countries

- 140   reviewers

- 10300 total visits for the ICTO2016 Website (From Sep 2015 till March 14, 2016)

ICTO2015 is:

- 30 accepted  papers (from more than 70 papers reviewed)

- 7 students applications accepted to the doctoral symposium (from 17 received)

- 3 keynote speakers

- 4 roudtables with 12 participants

13 Countries

103   reviewers

- 6408 total visits for the ICTO2015  Website (From June 20, 2014 till March 13, 2015)